WhatsApp Web down for everyone, When Opens

 Its a bad news of today that Whatsapp is currently down from the data of meta but the developers and the crew of Whatsapp work on it to run the Whatsapp as soon as possible.

We'll see that in just few moments people from all over the world report the bug about Whatsapp that it is not working because people use Whatsapp so much and now it is not working.

There are two possibilities of that one is that it may be a normal defective between any server of the Whatsapp so maybe its not working, after they fix the server, the issue will automatically solved within no time.

The second possibility is that some hacker try to hack the WhatsApp database and in this case the whole server goes down. lr maybe china attempt to hack the Whatsapp data for their personal use.

There are so mamy aspects but for now we can tell only two as people still waiting to Whatsapp to run again so they can contact their friends and family and others.

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