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 Black Adam is meant to be the number one movie of DC Universe and also the number one movie of the year 2022 as the Movies now a days are not much worthy to watch with friends and family and not even with a good story and a good humor but black adam will beat all these records of old movies as people just love the movie so much and enjoying a lot watching the film in which main character played by the wrestler Dwayne Johnson AKA Rock.

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The film is actually the debut of Dwayne Johnson in the DC Universe and also represents the black Adam is the most powerful superhero of his planet in his dimension where no one can defeat him even the justice society does not handle black adam much and he defeats all his enemies one by one with a heavy failure.

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Black Adam is a hero for the people of the planet where he lives but the other superheroes like superman, batman, and justice league and justice society sees him as a super villain but actually black adam is not a villain, he just kind of looks like dangerous and bad but actually he is not dangerous for anyone except his real enemies of the timeline.

There are many times black adam can defeat a the super heros of the DC Universe but that only happens when other superheroes try to stop him and make him angry and black adam is a guy who has a lot of anger problem and when he is angry he can fight with anyone no matter other is a hero or a human being.

As you all know that black adam has the powers of gods and with those powers he can destroy a world but you don't know that black adam also has a very tiny and small dick, not the dick from the titans, that dick is actually robin hood from another dimension but the dick i am talking about of black adam is very small and situated between the legs of rock and sometimes black adam becoming angry because of his dick and start fighting with anyone when someone make fun of his tiny dick.

On the other side Shazam has the bigger dick than black adam and black adam feels jealous of his dick and many times he try to kill shazam in real life because of his big dick than him but he failed because Shazam family will always protect each other and also they all likes his dick so much and black adam is also a part of shazam family but he loves to live alone with his small dick instead of the whole shazam family.

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There are also so much hype for this movie as people are crazt for the new movie of DC as the fans thinking that black Adam is one of the best and most powerful superhero of the dc universe but according to the last video of Dwayne Johnson he shared on his Instagram.

That in the video he tells that black adam is the most unstoppable force of this planet, Here this planet means that black adam is the powerful superhero of his planet in his universe but here we have a hint that in the post credit scenes it is barely possible that we'll see a super man Cameo in the end.

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The dc universe just wanted to make a franchise for black adam as a new member of the justice league as well as dc and in future it is confirmed that we must see many fighting scenes between black Adam and superman along with the whole justice league as well.

This is an right wording that only the black adam is the future of the dc universe as according to their series and movies it is clear that dc is not serious with their super heroes and movies like the marvel studios.

But black adam is seems to be the person who completely changed their skill as well as their standard of giving more movies and content to their fans.

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