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 Black Adam is gonna be the best movie in the DC universe as the Black Adam is a superhero and also a savior and Black Adam is the person who has the ability to change the whole DC storyline within days.

Black Adam is gonna be the best movie of the DC universe as the Black Adam is a superhero and also a savior and Black Adam is the person who has the ability to change the whole DC storyline within days.

Here Black Adam is ready and people love to watch the movie as the story of Black Adam is completely outstanding and awesome the character roles played by the actors are really wonderful and they show all the colors and animations and graphics are amazing.

Dwayne Johnson asks to me if he is very excited to play the role of Balck Adam and the other thing he tells me that he really wanted to make a movie with all the Justice League and especially loves to fight with Superman as superman is the hero Dwayne Johnson thinks that he is worthy of a fight with.

Today some of my fans ask some questions so here we pick some questions and give answers to them.

Is Black Adam equal to Superman:

First of all, Superman is a very old specie's lived more lately than normal humans and at that time when bad people rule the world black adam was just an ordinary man like us.

And he was sentenced to death for his mistake and also the lords of that time kills his wife and son in front of him and he wants to take revenge on his family, of course, he is very strong but Superman is more powerful than black adam.

In the comics, Superman defeat Black Adam many times and Black Adam is crying like a baby but there is a myth that one black adam from another dimension which is like supreme black adam is more powerful than superman, and the supreme black adam fight with superman and defeats him easily.

There are also multiple dimensions in the history of DC Universe but the Management of DC is very dumb and can't even give a good representation of their universe like marvel which is a hundred times better than DC.

So the answer to this question is Black Adam is not equal to superman he just gives him a little tough time but can't defeat as superman is more powerful and stronger than the Black Adam.

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Is Black Adam a villain:

 Well, many people think that black adam is a villain but actually he is not a villain, He wanted to take revenge on his family and for that, he might do some bad things after a long sleep time.

But before Black Adam do anything the justice society comes and try to kill or stop black him and as a result, black adam didn't like this and started gives harm to others with his superpowers and people think that he is actually a bad person.

The story of Balck Adam is very deep emotional and sad actually, he is alone in his life and no one has the power to stop him except the superheroes but he has. the powers of god as when says shazam he turned into black adam and started some crazy stuff like hitting others, killing, and giving harm to others.

So the answer to this question is that black adam is not a villain he actually comes to earth to save humans from bad people who killed others for their benefit and he faced this thing also so he better understands that.

And true DC fans take him as a superhero as well and also in the future he will become a member of the Shazam family and saves others with all the justice league.

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Is Black Adam the same as Shazam?

Black Adam is definitely not the same as Shazam as it is the same as superman black adam is weaker than superman and shazam as well because no doubt that he has the power of gods and he is a stronger hero but Shazam is more powerful than him.

Shazam is the eldest hero of black adam and he can defeat adam within seconds as he knows the techniques of how to deal with others also he is a chill person and Shazam enjoys every fight and enjoy every moment shazam is more powerful than Black Adam.

Yeah, the Powers of shazam is more than black adam but they both are actually the same as each other in their body, height, and fighting skills they belong to the same family as well but they both have different goals to achieve.

Is Shazam stronger than Black Adam?

Shazam is an old member of the shazam family and also the senior one and he is more experienced than black adam.

Shazam and Black Adam look the same and belong to the same group but the powers of Shazam are much more than black adam if black adam and shazam fight with each other no doubt that shazam can win the fight as he never loses any fight.


Shazam is more powerful than black adam and the main reason for this is because shazam knows how to deal with any problem and he did his fights with a clear and fresh mind but on the other side black adam is always in anger and no one wins any fight if he used his anger and ego.

Is Black Adam the strongest DC character?

No doubt that black adam is a very powerful superhero and he has the power of gods he can destroy a planet easily but there are many consequences to his power of him and the fans see black adam as a super villan but actually, he is not a villain.

The strongest character and superhero of the DC universe is superman and no one can beat him even shazam and black adam who has the same power as him can't defeat superman as he is the strongest character of all the dc.

The answer is that Balck Adam is not the strongest character of DC, he is just a hero who has some superpowers but he is not the strongest one.

Well, the fans look so much happy to see the movie and they actually enjoy the black Adam so much not only the DC fans love to watch this movie but also the marvel fans and other people who love to watch movies enjoy the time watching the whole movie with their friends and family.

If you like to read this post make sure to comment down below about your thoughts and tell us what you think of black adam and his powers also please share the article on different social media platforms with your friends and family as an appropriation for us.



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