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 DC league of super pets is the latest movie of dc universe which shows that they will assemble the Justin league in the future and all super heroes will be fight against the very big villain like Dark side or black adam.

The DC league of super pets is an animated movie in which the dogs and other animals received some super power because of the orange crypto night.

The superman dog's have natural power's from the birth but all other animals don't have any power to save the world.

There are five animals in the shop in which the small ginny pig found the orange rock and received the super power of flying and smashing something by moving her hand but she doesn't know that other animals also received the super power like her.

The Ginny pig caught all justice league heroes in the cells and the superman's dog crypto has no power because of the green crypto night and then he is completely useless on all the movie except the last scene where he destroyed the Ginny pig powers with his sun fist punch.

There is a dog like batman who has the power that he is very strong and the color of the dog is black as batman and he is a funny character in the movie who tried to escape from the cage but with his power he saves the world.

The second character is a pig who's super power is that she will increase or decrease her body size and she is a big fan of wonder woman and in the last wonder woman wants to keep the pig to solve more mission instead of eating the pig.

The third animal is same as flash as the flash is very fast so here a turtle who also receive a power from which she can run very fast like flash and she helps crypto to save the world.

The fourth animal is a squirrel who throwing electric current from his hands and on some scenes he also saves the other pets and cyborg decided to live with this squirrel as he need electricity and the squirrel has electric power.

The Aquaman has no pets but there are a villain pet who is just as water and Aquaman likes the animal and stay with the water animal.

The whole story means everyone has their own pet same as their power and this gives the hint that in future the dc will give us some more movies in which we see that the whole justice league will do some action.

After the DC league of super pets ends you can see a credit scene in which black adam and the black adam dog comes and this definitely gives you goosebumps about the the fight against black Adam with the justice league in the future because the black adam means the rock is very excited to make a movie with superman and this probably ths glimpse of that amazing movie.

In the movie you can notice that lex Luther is a villain although the scene of lex is not so much but this is also possible that lex Luther probably come in any future movie of DC and the dc fans are very excited to watch superman, black Adam, and justice league new movies.

If you are a marvel fan and also a dc fan like me you will enjoy all the movies of dc and marvel but some movies are just for fun and some are really amazing and this movie DC league of super pets is just for fun movie as it is not a movie from which you can expect some amazing time but this types of movies are generally made for giving a hope to all the fans and nothing else.

The main action and fun we need to see on black Adam as this might be DC new and most amazing movie and also the rock is a actor who makes career of someone and in this case rock means black adam is a character who gives dc fans the hope that in the future new material and seriously amazing movies will must come and we all fans just ready for that.

Overall DC league of super pets is a fun movie to watch with family as there are not any issues to watch with others and this movie is based on pets and comedy so children's also can watch the movie as well in the theater or home.

When the movie starts we see that the crypto means superman's dog also come to earth with superman in his space ship but in the real movie of superman we don't see any dog with him and the answer of crypto is we found in some other series of dc.

The series of Robin hood and and some other mutants clearly tell us that where crypto come from and who is crypto and in the mutants we see that crypto was an ordinary dog on which some scientist done an experiment on the dog and same experiment on a person who we seen as super boy in that series.

The super boy is made from the jeans or sperms of lex Luther and superman and that's why he is same as superman and sharp as lex Luther and the same powers the scientist gives to that dog who will become crypto in the future but this reality is showing in the mutant series but why then the dc shows us that crypto come with superman in the spaceship.

The answer is that sometimes it is good to make some changes to grow a new story instead of any other old story to stay amazed the people and here dc done the same and also in DC league of super pets we see that crypto will talk to his dog father which is a sort of family feeling like humans.

In my thoughts if the dc universe wants to compete with marvel universe and multiverse so in this case they need to make new movies quickly and they must need to develop their character in a way that people enjoy their new movies and support otherwise their whole universe will fall and drop in the future.

If you are a fan of superheroes movies and love to watch these types of movies then it is for sure that you really don't care that which brand of production you see either marvel or dc but to enjoy those movies with your heart.

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