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 Black Adam looks like the DC universe's very big project to stable all the characters of Justice League and Black Adam is one of the most powerful characters just like Superman as he has the powers of god and he is very brutal and strong as well.

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The Black Adam character Dwayne Johnson means The Rock is our most famous and lovely character and the character Dwayne plays in Balck Adam is only suitable for him as he looks very dedicated to him and the character totally suits him so well.

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The people and fans of DC are very excited for Dwayne Johnson and Henry Cavill means the fight between Superman and Black because that feeling was totally awesome for fans to feel the fighting scenes of both the legends in a single movie.

As you all know that Black Adam is not only a single movie of 2022 but if the fans support the movie like what the DC franchise thinks about and if people love Black Adam so much they are very excited to make new content of black adam and other justice league character on the same page for their upcoming movies.

From the rumors and on the basis of some sneak peek there is a hint that at the end of the movie, there is a post-credit scene of Black Adam in which they show the superman cameo as a hint that black adam will return for superman.

When Black Adam comes to Superman for a fight that would be amazing for all the fans not only for dc but also for marvel as everyone loves to watch superhero movies so much and everyone is excited for the battle between black adam and superman.

But there is one thing that the fans of DC will become a little sad or embarrassed about why in the future they not showing that what happened to the justice league as they miss the fight between the justice league and the dark side.


They need to release the Snyder verse and make a battle of all the justice league as fans are desperate for watching the fight of the dark side with the justice league.

But in this case there also one hint comes to the mind of fans that they will show that the dark side broke all the characters of the justice league and then there might be a chance that Black Adam will come and fight with a dark side and save the justice league as well as this is just a thought and don't need to take it seriously.

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Actually the main purpose of casting Dwayne Johnson to play in Black Adam for opening a gate for the new future of Justice League and as well as for the DC in the future because this is the person who can make someone a celebrity or ruin someone's career so remember one thing thay Rock has the power to become grow dc universe to the next level.


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