South Africa Floods: deadliest storn kills over 250 people | edubibliography

South Africa Floods:

 More Than 250 people died in South Africa because of a devastating flood and this news is very bad for now but people are facing many more difficulties during this situation as basically, it is an alarming situation in South Africa.

South Africa Floods: deadliest storn kills over 250 people | edubibliography

Many people are still missing there and police and other agencies try to find more information related to the missing persons as their lives are very important to be saved this is the heaviest rain record after 60 years in the history of southern Africa and this is the deadliest Storm ever the people of South Africa faced.

For now, the total amount of people who died in this incident is 259 as an accurate number of people but it seems that many people who were injured in this incident are in serious condition, and also this incident impacted everyone who faces that bad time and just like this the more bad condition is that when a situation happened just like that people are just not gonna think that what to do and how to safe us and others and because of this they face more bad situation in any of this incident.

"The South African president, Cyril Ramaphosa, has described the floods as a “catastrophe” and a “calamity”.

South Africa Floods: deadliest storn kills over 250 people | edubibliography

The situation in which many roads, bridges, and other important things collapse is very dangerous and also the death of people is very bad and sad in these situations.

250+ people died:

The president of South Africa said that he is always with the families who face the difficult time and who take damage in this situation also the damage from any flood is recovered but the damage to life means the death of people is not recovered by anyone and this is the most difficult situation for the families who lost their family members and who lost their loved ones.

The government agencies and police are still trying to find the missing persons because it is very important to find those who are gonna be missing in this flooded situation and there is no doubt that they try their best to find all of the missing persons quickly but before they find all of those the time for the families whose other members are missing is really a very tough time because they don't even know that where are they or in what condition they are or even they alive or not so this is really a bad condition for all families.

When the climate everywhere is changing then there is the possibility that this type of disaster will happen and all over the world every government is being ready for these incidents but no one will stop the floods, storms, earthquakes,s, etc we need to protect us as more to our family because this is the first priority of everyone to save their family from these kinds of incidents like the current situation in southern Africa.

South Africa Floods: deadliest storn kills over 250 people | edubibliography

Just like the president of South Africa talk to the grieving family members in this situation every president of any county needs to talk to others in this situation to show the respect to the families and to support the families that we are always with you and we know that you lost your loved ones but this is the time when we need to support everyone.

The heavy damage to people's properties and to roads and to bridges and other stuff is predicted by the government environment channels and this news is gonna spread fastly all over the city or town to tell all the people that this is happening fastly and everyone must be ready for every type of situation so on that period people try to find the best and safest place for their families.

This situation also happened in other countries like Mozambique, Zimbabwe, bit now today South Africa is also affected by this floods situation and many more places this flood or storm comes tomorrow or the next day so everyone tries to find a safe place for their family as soon as possible.

In this incident, during the flood, more than 6k+ houses were damaged and many other properties were damaged in the footage released by a TV channel, we can clearly see people stealing from the markets, stores, and shipping containers.

In the record 1995 during the flooded situation, more than 140 people died and many more were injured.

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