How To Make Money Blogging - edubibliography

 Blogging is a very vast network from which a person with no skills can earn money very easily but with good consistency, people can make their full-time careers with the help of the blogging field.

How To Make Money Blogging - edubibliography

Make Money Blogging:

Nowadays people trying a lot of different methods of earning but failed because there are many fake sites and companies say lie to others that they pay you by doing that task or by anything and some fake websites and companies have some investment plans but they are totally fake and a person who invests on that website will realize after some time that this is a fake work and he or she lost their money and then they try to recover their investment from doing many tough works but failed.

But in the field of blogging the matter is that if you give your time in this field one day definitely you will achieve the success and no doubt that you earn money from blogging without any of your investment but the investment you do here is your time to work hard and work creatively to earn money.

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What is a blogger:

In blogging, there is only one thing that everyone needs visitors, traffic, and people means that a successful blogger is defined as the person whose blog is visited by hundreds and thousands of people in a single day.

How To Make Money Blogging - edubibliography

A blogger needs to make backlinks from different websites to grow his blog and backlinks are the way from which a lot of people visit your blog in all these situations the content of any blog matters in that way if there is an informative data available in the blog like if you write an article about cooking then you must post article in which you describe good ideas and recipes related to any dish and if you don't give users the good and informative data then people visit your blog and see that this article is just waste of time and they go back so the good and well data is very important.

Blogging is not just a source where a person earns money but it is also a source from where a person is describing his personality to others with the help of blogging a person is converted into a successful blogger after some time and people from everywhere try to meet you and want to talk to you related to your success and how you start this career and what is your future planing related to blogging.

The most important question which others asking to you when you become successful in this field what is your total earnings are and how much do you earn in one day that feeling when someone asks how much you earn in just one day is awesome because a successful blogger earn thousands of dollars per day and when you tell this to others then they will just be shocked listening to this.

How To Make Money Blogging - edubibliography


There are many ways in the field of blogging to earn money and the first priority of every blogger is that he can earn money through display advertisement on his blog or website the top ad network is Adsense which provides you the better rates and better CPC with better CPM and RPM.

The approval of Adsense is not a big deal as many people say that AdSense is not good and give low rates but this is not true as I personally earn more than 15 dollars only on less than 200 views from the united states so why is this bad for others as if Adsense give them low rates because they don't have the good and quality visitors from the tier one countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.

You can also use another ad network as there is a lot of different ad network except AdSense to earn through advertising which is also a good method of earning from your blog or website.

How To Make Money Blogging - edubibliography

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Affiliate marketing:

The next method is that you can make an affiliate website and sell products as an affiliate marketer and work with Amazon or other affiliate websites in this method work is simple like you copy and paste the products from the original store and give the link in your article from where people can buy products through your affiliate link and you can earn the commission on each sale you generate and this method is very popular.

The affiliate marketer uses many more methods to earn and they just do not work on only one platform they work with many affiliate stores and they earn thousands of dollars in one month so you need to try this at least one time this method from your blog.

Blogging is the opportunity for all of those who really want to work on the internet as there are many students who started their news blogs because they have an interest in news and they just write the whole news in one article and simply published it on their blog or website and in this way after some time they monetize their website from different methods and start their earning from that day.

But when a person started a blog or website just for the earning purpose but without any motivation of learning then that person will never get succeeded as he has not in a mood to Learn something and his passion is only on the earning and the main motive of that person is just make money as quickly as possible and in this way, he faces difficulties many times he failed again and again and after some time that person losses his hope from this field and quit blogging without any reason and says to others that this is just waste of time and nothing else.

But if that person does not just do blogging for earning but he likes to do this then whether he failed at his first chance and failed again and again but he never lost his hope to do something big and believe me one day he will succeed in this career and make the name of him and there are a lot of people who failed many times but they don't quit this field and now they are successful bloggers and people set the time to meet those people and want to interview with them.

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